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Fundraiser for College

Back to School is on many of our brains as August is on the horizon. I would like to go back to college. I would like to get a degree that would actual allow me to go straight to work. I have been contemplating going to school for nursing for many years. So far, I have been an excellent caregiver to my Mom throughout her surgeries and sickness. So, I am fairly familiar with what an actual nurse does on a daily basis. I've actually done IVs at my mothers home. For the last 5 years or so, I've practically lived in hospitals along with working in the Emergency Room admitting patients. I have previously worked as a (licensed) CNA in nursing homes and group homes. I know and have seen sickness first hand.  So, as I enter another stage in my life where I will be consider an older adult. I need something more concrete in order to raise a family. I have created this GoFundMe campaign to help pay an old tuition bill. So I can gain access to my transcript and gain admission to a …

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